Yoga Basics 


Yoga basics is a mixed class of beginner and regular students who want to learn and refine. We will be focusing on a mix of Yoga practices (Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative) to find healing in the mind and body, and to teach students the basics to begin a home practice of their own.

Mondays at 6:30PM @ Shambhala Wellness Center Denton


Pre & Postnatal Yoga (TBD)

Welcome new Mommas! This class is for all levels of pre and postnatal Yogini looking to strengthen, heal, and relieve. You will also have access to our FB group, supplemental material, and my music playlists. For students who purchase monthly passes you will be giving a hard copy of my Mommy and Me class to practice with your newborn babe at home while adjusting and enjoying your healing and nurturing at home. I believe it is important to have a mix of mothers to create a supportive community where new mothers can share their experience with those in waiting. An invaluable experience on it's own, especially as Denton welcomes new families to the community every day. Let's support each other in our journey, and re-discover our changing and magical bodies through Yoga!

Aqua Yoga (TBD)

Aqua Yoga is wonderful for all body types and abilities. Mixing the buoyancy of water with Yoga makes Yoga accessible and very therapeutic to so many - including stroke and cancer survivors, pregnant women, those with arthritis, with joint and/or muscle limitations, who are overweight, or the senior adult community. It is a great class and fun for anyone looking to enjoy Yoga in the water!  Over time, students can see an improvement in stability, breathing awareness, range of motion, balance, stress release, and improved sleep. Come try it out, Floating Savasana included!

Check out my schedule for new indoor class times and locations!


Meg Kirby RYT 200