My name is Meg Kirby - an artist, foodie, and adventure lovin' Yogini based in

Denton TX.

I had my first experience with Yoga in 2010 in my home city Calgary, Alberta,

Canada, when I was going through a a very tough transition in my life. 

After sometime of trying to cope alone, my need to reach out overwhelmed

my stubbornness and I realized that I needed help with my depression and

anxiety. A good friend of mine asked me to join her for class at a near by Yoga

studio, and so my life long journey with Yoga began.


I came to realize after a few months of classes that Yoga was not a work out trend soon to disapear. That it truly is an art -

an art of loving yourself and those around you;

an art of finding peace and beauty within you and all around you;

an art of motion, grace, and compassion. 


Through my practice I began to heal - I started to love myself, see my own strength, and see a clearer path for myself. I began to see that I too had the potential to help others as they have helped me.

This led me to take the next step and complete my intensive teacher training in August 2014.


My sincere wish as a teacher is to help others shine their inner light brighter, and help them to see that there is a reality beyond the darkness of depression and anxiety.   


I hope to have the honor of sharing my knowledge with you, and I look forward to meeting you!



Meg Kirby RYT 200